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Robota steR

Rocking Automation

Robota steR is the first automated system in the world for a complete sterilization process, from the transport of surgical instruments to the return of the same packaged and sterilized.

Robota ster allows, with a simple voice command, to call an AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle, an autonomous vehicle for handling products within an environment), necessary for the transfer of the instruments, without unnecessary waiting, in the sterilization room. Thanks to the handling of the instruments through a robotic arm, after immersion in an ultrasonic tank and its drying, the irons are inserted in the dome, where they are identified with great precision by the vision system.

Then we move on to packaging, a highly customizable and standardizable phase that allows film savings. After that, the robotic arm moves the pre-packaged envelopes inside the autoclave, which then will pick up without having any temperature drop, as any staff would, maintaining a continuous workflow of the system.

The AGV will be re-loaded to carry the tools where needed. During the entire process are generated: more information on the life cycle of surgical instruments will be collected and analyzed, optimizing the use of the tools and processes that treat them.

Having the entire process of automated sterilization, there will be a multiplicity of advantages: the certainty of 100% sanitization of products; greater protection from the risks of contamination both staff and patients; better rational management of the flow of instruments.


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