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Robota steR
Robota steR
Robota steR

Robota s.r.l. Automate sterilization processes

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, has exhausted the strategies in place in the medical field, the critical points and the lack of efficiency in some processes, between them the sterilization.

The best therapy to fight the diffusion of viruses remains prevention at all levels.
This demands a technological answer based on the birth of new models and schemes to solve the actual inefficiencies.

Robots have been present and used in the medical field for years now. Robots that are programmed to perform various functions, from the surgical robot to the simulators for students to practice. Robotics, automation, interconnection, and collaboration between systems will be our winning weapon, capable to counteract any situation that could put our health in danger.

Robota opens a new frontier in medicine and hygiene thanks to the first automized system for the sterilization and the management of surgical instruments. 

Robota S.r.l. was founded in 2018, by the Doctor Giorgio Castagno and expert in robotics, with the aim of automating the sterilization process, ensuring the highest standards and control of the workflow. The company is Borgosesia (VC). The Robota team consists of experts in different technical and professional areas.

Robota is a unique, original and disruptive reality. 

The future will see a personal robot in every home

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Robota steR


Robota steR is the first automated system in the world for a complete sterilization process, from the transport of surgical instruments to the return of the same packaged and sterilized.



Robota opens a new frontier of medicine and hygiene thanks to cleaneR the revolutionary automated system for sanitizing environments

Robota cleaneR


Self-driving vehicles for moving materials and products. Our AGV is based on a general purpose platform adaptable to any industrial and non-industrial environment.


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Robota steR
Robota steR
Robota steR


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