Robota S.r.l. was founded in 2018, by the Doctor Giorgio Castagno and expert in robotics, with the aim of automating the sterilization process, ensuring the highest standards and control of the workflow.

The company is Borgosesia (VC). The Robota team consists of experts in different technical and professional areas.
Robota is a unique, original and disruptive reality. 

Robota steR


The future will see a personal robot in every home. We will expand the use of robots in all fields: in the company, in the offices and in the activities of each sector. Our robots will work with personal computers, smartphones and tablets to help us make our daily lives better.

Man is the focus of our project, robots will relieve us every day from repetitive tasks, boring and tiring with zero error and total control.


Robota automates all sterilization processes, ensures the highest standards and workflow control.
The entire medical sector will be revolutionized. The need to innovate an obsolete process that presents biological risks, very high cycle times and possible human errors, pushed us to use Robot and Agv (Automated Guided Vehicle) maximizing their potential. Thus we enter a new and hitherto unexplored dimension.

We have developed an integrated system with cutting-edge technological solutions combining total reliability to a sustainable and rapid investment. Robota is also competitive for sectors outside the industry.

Dr.Castagno and his team have developed an automated system that revolutionizes and optimizes the operation of all the structures where it is required to sterilize surgical instruments (hospitals, clinics and private practices). We solve all human-related problems.


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