Robota cleaneR

is the sanitizer and sanitizer robotized for all environments

In a winning strategy, first you secure victory, then you give battle.

The emergency caused by the viral infection by Covid-19 requires all possible resources to address new health and safety issues.

It is necessary a radical reorganization of the working protocols for the protection of persons. The new invisible enemy must be faced with new solutions.

The Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) highlighted the limitations of hygiene and sanitization protocols, the lack of effectiveness and efficiency, but first of all, the lack of safety and quality standards. 


cleaneR Robota

The best treatment to combat a virus and its transmissibility is prevention at all levels.

The only answer is the birth of new technological models, to start again facing the challenges of the market with maximum elasticity.

Our team has made available all its know-how and expertise to get a quick and concrete solution.

Restarting will be difficult and complex, but thanks to technology, we will face this crisis with a powerful ally. 

Robota opens a new frontier of medicine and hygiene thanks to cleaner the revolutionary automated system for sanitizing environments


AGV, Robots and integrated systems completely eliminate the biological risk ensuring a structure and a hardware component easily adaptable, in a second phase, to all production and organizational requirements.

The system now supports you in the fight against the Covid-19, tomorrow can be converted with a minimum of effort into a valuable tool, suitable for all needs.

Sanitization involves all those physical and chemical treatments that are carried out in order for a surface to be clean.

  • physically: free of visible dirt;
  • chemically: free of residues of substances used;
  • biologically: that the number and type of micro-organisms initially present are reduced to an acceptable level.


No-touch technologies involve the use of UV lamps together with the action of dispersed chemical substances such as aerosols and gases for the destruction of microorganisms.

The joint action of all three systems achieves extremely effective results.


Disinfection with UV-C RAYS

UV light is germicidal and inhibits proliferation and infection capabilities.

The high energy absorbed by DNA and RNA causes alterations that inactivate the microorganisms themselves.

  • UV rays are free of chemicals.
  • UV rays inactivate a wide range of micro-organisms including some chlorine resistant such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.
  • UV rays reduce some chemical and toxic substances together with a disinfectant action.
  • Simple annual maintenance with lamp replacement. 

Ozone is an excellent chemical disinfectant even on large volumes of air. Given its oxidizing power, it is used in a similar way to chlorine.

  • Ozone is produced by the oxygen in the air;
  • No residue, handling or refueling;
  • A chemical solution is limited by the time it takes to dry the surface while ozone will continue to attack bacteria until it decomposes naturally or is removed.

This allows ozone solutions to significantly increase energy savings.

Disinfection with ozone

Disinfection by spraying with hypochlorite or other certified substances

The products considered most suitable for bactericidal-virucid efficacy, both for ease of use and for the low cost are the compounds of CHLORINE.

Where they are not indicated for safety or environmental reasons, specific products shall be used.

Its use is widely documented and certified. 

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